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John Gannon

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In the last six weeks we have: invalidated our previous business model (email API – a cool idea that I couldn’t figure out how to make into a business) validated a huge opportunity in identifying, nurturing, and closing high value passive candidates and began product development to attack that opportunity interviewed over 40 recruiters and other knowledgable people in the HR tech space built an awesome and relevant startup advisory board consisting of the CTO of one of the biggest ad agencies in the world, an entrepreneur who sold her HR tech startup to Oracle, the founder of a leading sales & marketing analytics company backed by Sequoia, and the COO of the leading marketplace for technical on demand workforces found an awesome summer intern (MSCS at Cornell with a focus in machine learning) experienced many disappointments! Despite all of that it still doesn’t feel... (more)

There is always a move

You think you have no moves? How about taking your company public with $2M in trailing revenue and 340 employees, with a plan to do $75M in revenue the next year? I made that move. I made it in 2001, widely regarded as the worst time ever for a technology company to go public. I made it with six weeks of cash left. There is always a move. via The Struggle – Ben’s Blog. Filed under: Uncategorized ... (more)

Your checklist for picking a startup co-working space

I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere, man. Crossed the desert’s bare, man. I’ve breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I’ve had my share, man. I’ve been everywhere.   — Johnny Cash, “I’ve Been Everywhere” Startups and co-working spaces are like peaches and cream. They go so well together. And I’ve done a lot of co-working during my years in the startup ecosystem. All of this co-working has given me some pretty strong opinions on which co-working space ‘features’ are most important for entrepreneurs. Use this set of features as a rough checklist when you’re figuring out ... (more)

Time to See the Importance of Internal Branding

Much of the focus in the technology press on Enterprise 2.0 platforms has been on the similarity of these tools to public social networking systems like Twitter, Facebook, etc. One consequence of this similarity, and one that’s being missed by the tech press and venture investors, is that these platforms make it possible for an employee at any organization to build an internal personal brand. I believe over time (3-5 years) that employees will view their internal brand as critical to their success within the company, and the forward thinking ones will put significant effort into ... (more)

The only monthly goals that matter for pre-product B2B startups

Before your B2B startup has a product available you’ll want a few – but not too many – metrics to help you steer the ship in the right direction. Based on my experience at a couple of startups that I joined pre-product or founded here are the handful of metrics that I suggest you measure/goal. Customer Development conversations It doesn’t matter what your startup is building if customers don’t want it.  Get out of the building and make sure you are talking to potential customers often. This is the only way you’ll get a deep understanding of your potential customers’ needs. When... (more)