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Well, if the inevitable outcome of reduced friction is to increase demand for IT resources, someone is going to have to do the capacity planning. In a sense, the impact of cloud computing will be to shift the tasks for IT operations from tactical resource provisioning to strategic resource planning - with an emphasis on achieving the most efficient, lowest cost infrastructure possible. This is a far cry from the "your mess for less" outsourcing that has previously been the outcome of cost focus - this is about creating an automated, immediate search for the lowest cost, most available, most appropriate computing resources needed to fulfill a provisioning request. via CIO UK Magazine. ... (more)

Going from zero to one? Incredible.

Don’t read the blog posts on “Here’s how to hire your 10th VP of blah blah blah.” That’s a rich man’s problem when you need to worry about scaling your sales team. What’s missing is understanding what it takes to be a five-person team to succeed. Going from zero to one is incredible. One to five is inconceivable. Beyond that, you’re not adding 100% of your organization every time you make a new hire. via Cooking Up App Ingredients — Medium. Filed under: Uncategorized ... (more)

Enterprise Cloud Computing: Understanding the Costs

John Gannon's Blog Although cloud computing provides financial benefits like reduction of CAPEX and the ability to pay-as-you-go, organizations will still need a reasonable amount of granularity in the reporting of cloud usage and the ability to map that usage into a financial chargeback model that makes sense. Amazon has gone live with Windows support in the EC2 cloud while at the same time announcing a private beta for some new scaling and load balancing features. These features will certainly be useful for the smaller customers of EC2, but my guess is that those features were ... (more)

Why cloud-based load testing is a killer app

Image via Wikipedia Cloud hosting providers with any degree of scale should have an application load testing product offering.  In fact, I think it has the potential to be a killer app for cloud hosting companies. Load testing has traditionally been a painful process and inefficient process from a time and cost perspective due to challenges around traffic generation and scaling. There have been typically two options for the traffic generation aspect of the load test: Buy a bunch of servers to make into a traffic generation farm, buy some software (e.g. Mercury Interactive) to au... (more)

Where are all the enterprise cloud success stories?

Image via Wikipedia There are way too many vendors talking and not enough practitioners. That is not a good thing. If all of our education is coming from vendors we will be in a bad place. This is SOA all over again from 3-4 years ago. When I do see a practitioner, most of them have not done anything significant yet. If I have to listen to the NY Times success story one more time I will puke. I keep hearing the same case studies over and over which tells me that we are talking about the cloud a heck of a lot more than we are doing the cloud. Most of the good case studies are from... (more)